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KMG Detailing - Lebanon, Pennsylvania

KMG Detailing - Paint Correction Specialist

Passion for maintaining cars and keeping them meticulously clean, both inside and out has always been a priority for me.  Opening KMG Detailing has allowed me to share this passion with my clients.  Committed to providing the finest quality service and experience, KMG Detailing will spare no time or expense in achieving it.   We are continually researching and testing new techniques to more efficiently achieve the extremely high standards that we have set and that our clients deserve.  

Your satisfaction will always be our top priority.  We will do whatever we can to work within your budget and provide the finest service available, whether it be a full paint correction, premium interior detail or even a custom tailored package to suit your needs or budget.

Our services are geared toward high quality detailing, unlike the larger commercial shops in the Lebanon area that operate solely on high volume. We limit ourselves to only one (1) car per day in order to provide the absolute highest quality for our clients.  So if you are looking for the highest quality detailing services where your car will receive the proper amount of time and attention it needs and deserves please feel free to contact me!

Kevin M. George (Owner)


Detailed Image - Ask-a-Pro Blog Team Member

Detailed Image Ask-a-Pro Blog Team

In 2015 I had the honor of becoming a member of the Ask-A-Pro Blog team on Detailed Image.  Detailed Image is one of the leading online vendors for high quality detailing supplies for both professional and the general public.  This small group is comprised of select highly skilled members that provide product reviews, how-to articles, techniques and general information to the public to assist other detailers or the DYI type looking to maintain there own vehicles. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding detaling, I am always happy to assist if I can.

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