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Additional Exterior 
Detailing Services

Engine Compartment Detailing, Premium Wheel Detailing and Coatings, Trim Coatings or even Headlight restorations are great additions to any of my exterior packages.  No matter how nice the rest of your car is dull headlights, contaminated wheels, or a dirty engine compartment will take away from the looks of a freshly detailed car.  I will also entertain any custom request you may have, so if you do not a specific service that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask!

Porsche 911 Engine Compartment

Engine Compartment Detail


  • All exposed engine components (filters, alternators, etc.) are protected from moisture if needed.

  • Underside of hood is washed and dried

  • Engine bay is cleaned with appropriate cleaners and degreasers (if necessary)

  • Engine bay is carefully rinsed and dried to ensure your engine components are kept safe and are not damaged.

  • Painted areas will be protected with a sealant or wax to enhance their beauty and make routine cleaning much easier

  • Polished metal pieces will be polished to a like new finish





Prices Starting @ $75

Corvette Wheel

Premium Wheels Off Service


  • Wheels faces and inner barrels are thoroughly cleaned

  • Tar and other bonded contaminates are removed from the wheel using proper products and tools

  • Wheel faces and inner barrels are coated with a Premium Coating to protect the surface from dirt and grime, making the wheel easier to maintain

  • Wheel wells are thoroughly scrubbed and dressed

  • Brake Calipers are cleaned using a mild all-purpose cleaner and various brushes

  • Painted calipers are sealed to help protect them from harmful dirt and brake dust buildup 

  • Suspension components are cleaned

  • Wheels are re-installed on the vehicle and torqued to proper specifications as indicated by the manufacturer


Cars:  $400                                                 Trucks: $500

Porsche Boxster
Trim Coating/Restoration

DLUX Long Life Trim Coat was engineered specifically for coating plastics as well as rubber.   This coating is the pinnacle of Exterior Plastic protection and restores the dark color of your faded trim without leaving any slick greasy feel.  For severely neglected trim Solution Finish will be used to restore the piece to a like new condition.  This is the product that set the standard for trim restoration.  If you want that freshly dressed look for you trim that lasts months not days this is service is for you.

Prices Starting @ $75

Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration

Headlights will be thoroughly cleaned before accessing the condition of the lens. The paint on the areas surrounding the lights is taped off prior to starting the various compounding and polishing steps to restore the lens.  Once corrected the lenses will be protected with a long term plastic coating.


Note: Severely damaged headlights will require a wet sanding process prior to polishing which will be an additional charge.


Prices Starting @ $100

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