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Frequently Asked Questions



What Exactly Is Detailing?


Detailing is a loosely used term in the automotive industry.   To most, detailing is nothing more than a quick trip to the local car wash or for the DIY type a simple wash, wax and cleaning of your interior.   For me, detailing is much more.  It's a detailed process in which every vehicle receives a thorough cleaning using only the highest quality products and finest techniques that minimize or eliminate the opportunity of causing any further damage to surfaces of the vehicle.

Why Should I Have My Car Detailed When I Can Just Go To The Local Car Wash?


While your local car wash may seem like a bargain, it is causing extensive damage to the exterior finsih of your vehicle.  Most drive through washes with brushes will leave fine scratches or swirl marks on the finish of your vehicle as shown in the picture below, even after just a single use.  Unless your using a touchless car wash, which still won't fully clean your car, the result is a exterior covered in swils as shown below due to the techniques used by most car washes.  In the end you are not saving any money, as a improperly maintained can be worth several hundred or even thousands of dollars less than an indentical car that has been properly maintained and detailed.  For most people their vehicle is their second largest investment they own following their home, so protect that investment and have it maintained properly.

Paint Defects - Swirls
Paint Defects

My car is brand new, why would I need it detailed ?


Brand new cars quite often can have just as much surface damage as a used car.  It is not uncommon for a car to receive damage during transport from the manufacturer to the dealer, which is repaired prior to being sold.  If your new car has been sitting on the dealers lot for awhle, odds are that it will have a been treated to many improper washes resulting in swirling and scratches.  Most dealers simply do not want to spend the time to correctly wash and prepare a car.  While the vehicle may look great when you pick it up, after a few weeks of rain or washes the glaze hiding the surface defects will begin to break down and show the true condition of your brand new car. 


Below are two examples of brand new cars that had pretty extensive damage on the exterior directly from the dealer.

Paint Defects

What Is The Difference Between Detailing And Paint Correction?


This is a fairly common question that I am asked.  Detailing to me is the process of thoroughly cleaning the surface, whether it be your interior, exterior or wheels.   However during this process any flaws in your cars finish will remain, although they may not be nearly as visable.  Another way of looking at it, detailing could be considered make up for cars.  It cleans up the surface, making it look pretty while masking the true condition of your vehicles finish.

Paint correction on the other hand is a very thorough process using various compounds, polishes and pads to achieve the desired amount of correction while removing the least amount of material from the vehicles finish.   During this process a professional can spend many hours with a compound leveling the clear coat while removing flaws in the finish such as swirls, moderate scratches, etching and oxidation.  This is a process that requires knowledge and proper technique, as you can very easily damage the finish if not done correctly.  Once proper correction is achieved, you will then proceed to polish the surface to restore a deeper, glossier finish.





Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

What Is The Difference Between Swirl Marks And Scratches?


As shown below, swirl marks are minor damage to your cars finish that show up in a circular pattern.  These marks are typically caused by using improper techniques while cleaning your car.  While swirl marks look bad and greatly diminish your cars looks, they are typically correctable during a light polish which is provided in my Platinum Exterior Service or in more servere cases my Paint Correction Services.

Scratches however typically are more serious, usually caused in daily use of your vehicle.  In most cases lighter scratches can be corrected during the same services as described above, however deeper scratches are only fully correct with a respray of this area. 



Paint correction


Why Should I Upgrade To A Paint Coating Over A Traditional Sealant Or Wax?


Premium paint coatings have become very popular over the last few years, due to the enhanced look and protection they provide.  Coatings are perfect for your daily driver, as they offer greater protection while drastically increasing the visual appearance of your vehicle.  Although the initial expense of a coating is greater, the additional length of protection provided by the coating (2 year warranty) for CQuartz Finest or (2+ years) for our standard coatings over your typical wax or sealant (3-6 months), along with greatly reducing the required effort to maintain your vehicle equals less time and money spent to keep your car looking freshly detailed for a longer period of time.  For more information on the premium coating I offer see my Cquartz Finest page.

What Should I Use To Take Care Of My Car After If Have It Detailed?


This is probably the most common question I get asked after completing a car upon them picking it up.  I have put together a few kits that are available for purchase at a greatly discounted price through my vender with my wholesale pricing.    If you recently had your vehicled detailed by KMG Detailing, please feel free to contact us for information on a Maintenance Kit or to purchase a custom made kit.

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