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  • Kevin M George

2002 Pontiac trans am

We had previously done a motorcycle for the owner of this car. He just recently picked this up and contacted us right away to see what we could do with it. We agreed on a thorough cleaning of the interior along with a Premium Wheels off CQuartz UK Service. The paint on the car was in desperate need of a paint correction with heavy swirling, etching and lots of RIDS. Luckily this color does a very good job of masking its current condition.

Before Photos

Paint Correction & Coating Process

With the car thoroughly cleaned and decon'd it was backing onto the lift in the correction bay to begin the polishing process. We also removed the wheels for a thorough cleaning and coating of the faces and barrels. With the wheels removed we also cleaned and treated the wheel wells.

Finished Product

Here is a quick walk around video of the vehicle after being finished. You can see quite a difference from before and after with a highly reflective and glossy finish.

Thanks for looking and be sure to schedule your vehicle today!

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