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  • Kevin M George

2011 BMW 550i x-drive

I was contacted by the owner of this BMW via my website. He had recently purchased this vehicle and it was clear the paint needed some serious attention. After discussing the various coating packages we had available we agreed on the a Premium Wheels off CQuartz UK Service to bring this gorgeous Imperial Blue Metallic paint back to its former glory and keep it that way.

Before Photos

Below are photos of the vehicle prior to beginning any work.

Paint Correction and Coating Process

Below are photos of the vehicle following a thorough wash and decon process. As you can see, once under our correction lights the vehicles finish was in very poor condition from its previous owner. The 50/50 shot shows the results of our paint correction service which is done to prepare the vehicles finish prior to application of the paint coating. The wheels were also removed for a thorough cleaning prior to being Ceramic Coated for easy cleaning.

Finished Product

The finished product was a night and day difference from how the vehicle came in. There is now amazing depth and clarity to the finish along with that deep wet look, which will last for years not months.

Here is a quick walk around video of the vehicle prior to being picked up by its owner. Take notice to the amazing gloss, depth and reflective qualities of the finish.

Thanks for looking and be sure to schedule your vehicle today!

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