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  • Kevin M George

2006 Harley Davidson Sportster

The owner of this 2006 Harley Davidson XL1200C Sportster contacted me through my website. He was wanting to have the bike cleaned up for the start of the riding season. After a quick consultation to go over the bike and see the condition of the paint and chrome it was decided to proceed with the Premium Protection Motorcycle Service along with a multi-step paint correction.

Before Pictures

This was a picture of the bike just after being dropped off. While the paint looked glossy in the shade, the paint was in some serious need of attention.

Before picture of where the forks connect to the frame.

Dirt on the chin spoiler that was added to the bike, along with the motor looking more of a gray color then the black it should be.

Before photo of the front forks.

This area is almost always dirty due to use and its location in front of the rear wheel. At this point the bike was thoroughly washed before being pulled into the garage to begin the compounding and polishing process.

Paint Correction Process

With the bike cleaned and pulled in under the lighting in the shop it was quite clear that the paint was in poor condition. As with most bikes it was wiped down with a dirty rag after every use, resulting in serverely swirled paint along with a good bit of scratches.

Here is a 50/50 picture after the compounding process. The vivid black paint now actually looks like a deep black paint, not a greyish color due to all the surface damage.

Another 50/50 shot. The right side of the tank has been compounded while the front of the right is still in the existing condition.

The rear fender was in very poor condition.

A lot of the damage still remained as it was cleaned up as safely as could be, and most of this area is hidden on the seat and not visible. After all the paint was cleaned up the chrome was also cleaned up with a light polish.

Final Pictures

The paint and chrome are now protected and clean, with a deep glossy finish.

Deep black paint and bright shiny chrome, just what this Harley Davidson owner was looking for.

The seats and saddle bags were treated and protected with a UV protection that is safe for use with motorcycles.

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