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  • Kevin M. George

2019 Mazda CX-5

This 2019 Mazda CX-5 was recently purchased by a client we had previously done a vehicle for and they requested to have this one done as soon as they purchased the vehicle. We performed our CQuartz Professional Service along with a wheel coating. We also cleaned the interior and applied a leather coating to all the seats for easy cleaning on the inside and out. As you can see this vehicle came to us all the way from Virginia.

Before Photos

Before photo of the vehicle just after being brought to the shop.

The car was purchased nearly a month before it came to us and was quite dirty upon arrival.

Before from the passenger side.

The wheels were quite dirty with a decent amount of brake dust.

Quite a bit of bugs and other debris on the front from the trip from VA to the PA.

Wash Process

The wash process consist of a thorough cleaning of the exterior with a strong stripping wash to remove any type of protection that may have been present on the surface. This is followed by a chemical and mechanical decon to remove any contaminates that may be present on the surface. Once thoroughly rinsed the vehicle is fully dried and pulled into the correction bay.

Polishing Process

For being a new car the polishing process made quite the difference in the finish. It enriched the color and really brought out the metallic in the paint.

Here is a photo showing before polishing (left) and after polishing (right).

Coating Process

Once fully polished the car was thoroughly cleaned again and wiped down with Eraser to remove any polishing oils that may have been present on the surface to leave a nice clean finish for two (2) layers of CQuartz Professional which was applied to the painted surfaces and black plastic trim.

Finished Product

As is typically the case, the finished product was a very glossy wet look and very slick surface.

That mirror like finished on the hood showing the clouds in the sky.

Another view of the hood with great reflection of the cloudy sky.

Thanks for looking and be sure to schedule your vehicle today!

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