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  • Kevin M George

2008 Toyota Tundra

This vehicle came to us through a referral. The client was looking at having a thorough detail to remove all the surface flaws, which there were plenty of. Overall the vehicle was kept in very good condition, and after some proper instruction on wash techniques and a one-step paint correction to remove a majority of the flaws this truck should stay in good condition.

Before Photos

A quick photo of the vehicle just after being dropped off.

As you can see there was heavy swirling on a majority of the surfaces on this beautiful red paint.

Another close up view of the swirls on the passenger door.

Same condition on the passenger side of the bed.

A closer view of the same area.

And one last before photo of the tailgate. All these pictures were before the vehicle was even washed.

A quick before walk around video of the vehicle just after drop off.

Wash Process

Quick photo of cleaning the dirty wheels and tires. The tires were especially dirty. The rest of the vehicle received a two bucket method wash and was chemically decon'd. This was followed up with one last wash using a Nanoskin Mitt to further clean and decon the surface.

Paint Correction Process

This was the first test spot I tried on the vehicle. I was not happy with these results and ended up changing the process to get a bit more correction due to the heavier swirls and more severe scratches.

This was after my second test spot with a different product, and these were more of the results I was looking for.

You can see a slight 50/50 shot on the left hand side of this picture. This is the driver side front fender.

This photo shows the same fender after being corrected.

This is a good before and after (50/50) shot of the driver bed side.

Before photo of the back end of the driver side of the bed.

Same area after being corrected resulting in much greater depth and clarity.

Passenger front fender prior to correction.

Passenger front fender after correction.

This is a 50/50 shot on the passenger door.

Before photo of the passenger side door.

Same door after correction.

Passenger side of the bed prior to paint correction.

Same area after paint correction.

Final Product

Once the correction was completed the vehicle was finished off with a sealant to provide several months worth of protection.

Finished product shot.

Finished product shot.

Finished product shot.

Finished product shot.

A quick walk around video showing the finished results.

Thanks for looking!

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