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  • Kevin M George

2003 Honda S2000

The owner had purchased this vehicle this spring and it was maintained very well by the previous owner. The exterior of the car was in pretty poor condition. She had a new top installed a month or two ago and wanted to have the car cleaned up for the rest of the summer. We decided on a multi-step correction on the exterior with a sealant. We were also going to do a headlight restoration as the lenses were in pretty poor condition.

Before Photos

A before photo of the driver side headlight prior to any work being done.

The exterior of the car was quite dirty when the vehicle was dropped. That is the beauty of a silver vehicle, the paint color does a good job of making it look much cleaner then it really is.

Before photo from the rear.

Another before photo.

Wash and Decon Process

A good thorough cleaning of the wheels.

The entire exterior of the vehicle was sprayed with IronX to chemically remove surface contaminates. The purple in the photo above is the product working on the hood.

Another photo of IronX on the rear of the car.

The vehicle was then spray with a strong foam pre-soak prior to the 2 bucket wash, followed by a final wash with a Nanoskin Mitt.

The area behind the gas door was also quite dirty.

Much better after a simple cleaning with a few brushes and some degreaser.

Paint Correction Process

With the vehicle clean it was pulled inside for the paint correction process. This picture shows what the entired vehicle looked like. There was heavy swirling along with lots of random scratches from years of neglect by the previous owner.

The initial compounding process cleaned up 85-90% of the flaws in the finish leaving a much glossier finish.

This is a 50/50 on the trunk lid.

The headlights were not as bad as some I have seen, however they did need to be cleaned up to restore the clarity required for proper lighting at night.

This is the same headlight after being corrected. It now has much better clarity as you can clearly see through the lens now.

Final Product

Quick walk around video of the front half of the vehicle. The finish looked amazing with a great mirror like effect for a silver vehicle.

The final product was a nice glossy deep finish on this little silver sports car.

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