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  • Kevin M Geroge

2010 Audi A4

This car received a multi step paint correction in order to clean up the paint from well over 100k miles of use. Once corrected the paint was coated with on of our premium paint coatings to keep the finish looking deep and glossy for years to come.

Before Photos

This is a photo of the car just after being dropped off.

Before photo of the wheel and tire. The owner keeps this car pretty clean as he does not daily drive it, however there was some dirt and brake dust built up on the wheels.

Another before photo from another angle.

Before photo of the rear of the car. There was quite a bit of dirt built up behind where the license plate holder was.

Quite a bit of bugs and debris built up on the front bumper and grille area.

Another before photo from the front.

Wash Process

A strong foam pre-soak prior to being washed and decon'd.

Paint Correction Process

Once cleaned and dried the car was pulled in to begin the paint correction process. A section was taped off on the hood to perform a test spot.

This is a picture of the test spot showing just how much difference the compounding process made on the finish. It did a great job of restoring gloss and clarity to the finish, and once we followed up with the final polish it looked even better.

The trim pieces between the windows are always in very poor condition, as they scratch very easy.

Once compounded they looked much better with no more swirling or fine scratches. However the compounding process left quite a bit of marring on the finish leaving a hazy look.

Final Photos

Following up with a ultra fine finishing polish cleaned up the marring leaving a nice deep black finish.

Once the car was coated it was pulled outside to inspect the finish.

The gloss and depth of this metallic paint was now outstanding.

Hard to believe this car had well over 100k miles on it.

A few sun shots once finished.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

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