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  • Kevin M George

2003 Toyota Tundra Limited

This vehicle was done as a birthday gift for the owner. A few years ago the vehicle had a spray in bedliner applied, at which time they gave them a complimentary "buff job". What you see in the before photos is what resulted. The exterior of the vehicle was covered in rotary burns and heavy swirling resulting in a dull and hazy looking finish. We would be performing a multi-stage paint correction followed by applying a long term paint coating.

Before Photos

This is the truck just after being dropped off.

This is a picture of the hood before being washed and decon'd.

Even before being washed it was clear just what kind of condition the paint was in.

The entire vehicle was covered in heavy swirls along with buffer trails (holograms).

Wash Process

The vehicle was washed after a strong foam pre soak to thoroughly clean the exterior surfaces. This was followed with a 2 bucket method wash, followed by yet another wash with a Nanoskin wash mitt.

Once cleaned we took a few more before photos.

Notice the holograms down the entire passenger side.

These marks are caused during improper use of a rotary resulting in burns in the clear that are only visable in bring lighting such a sunlight.

A quick video showing the condition of the exterior prior to the paint correction and coating process.

Correction Process

I taped off the driver side fender to perform a test. The results looks very good following the compounding stage of the correction with minor marring to removed in the polishing process that will follow.

A better view of just how much difference the compounding process will make.

Before correction on the driver side front fender.

Driver front fender after being compounded.

Before correction on the driver side of the bed.

50/50 of the same area after being compounded.

Another angle of the same area.

Before correction. This area had a previous repair that was done quite poorly.

Following the compounding process it looked much better, however it is certainly not perfect.

50/50 on the passenger side of the bed.

Before correction.

After being compounded.

50/50 on the passenger side rear door.

Before correction.

After being compounded.

With the paint all compounded and polished it was time to move on to restoring some color to the trim.

The trim was faded and gray looking, once cleaned and restored it was once again a nice deep black color.

After Photos

Once wiped down to clean the surface of any oils, one of our ceramic coatings were applied to the painted surfaces on the exterior of the vehicle resulting in amazing gloss and depth.

A quick walk around video once the service was completed.

The finished product.

We were not able to get any good after photos with sunlight as the weather did not cooperate.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

A mirror like shine on this used Tundra.

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