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  • Kevin M. George

2012 Honda Civic Si

This car came to us for a simple exterior clean up to prepare it for spring. We originally were going to complete an All-in-one service on this, but after beginning to work on the car and talking with the owner we ended up doing a paint correction to bring this beautiful red back to life.

Before Photos

This was a sharp looking car even before we touched it.

However in the right lighting you can see quite a bit of swirling and fine scratches.

Another before photo.

Last before photo before going in the garage for a quick ONR wash and clay prior to starting on the paint.

Paint Correction Process

With the car clean and under our work lights it was quite easy to see the paint was in need of some attention.

A closer few of the passenger side door and front fender. There was very heavy swirling and lot of RIDS and fine scratches on the sides of the car.

Before photo of the driver side door, which looked a lot like the passenger side.

Driver door before correction.

Same area after being compounded. The paint was left hazy (marred) from the compounding process and still need to be polished.

50/50 on the passenger side door.

Passenger side door prior to correction.

Same area after being compounded. Once the entire car was compounded we proceeded to a quick polishing pass to refine the finish and bring out the gloss.

Once polished the car now had a deep glossy finish and was ready to apply the sealant.

Trim Restoration

With the paint finished we turned to the trim which was in need of attention.

The trim was cleaned and a trim coating was applied to restore color and provide that freshly dressed look for months or even years.

Wiper cowl fully coated and restored to a deep black finish.

After Photos

Quick walk around video after being finished.

The finished product and out in the sunlight

Nothing beats that deep dripping wet look of a freshly finished car.

Finished product.

A nice reflective shot

Finished product.

Finished product.

Finished product.

Finished product.

Thanks for looking!

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