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  • Kevin M. George

2013 Audi Q7 S-line

The owner of this vehicle purchased it last fall, and soon after purchasing they realized something wasn't right with the finish. As the glaze began to wear off the exterior the condition of the finish became more and more apparent. We decided to wait till after winter and restore the exterior to a respectable level before summer rolled around.

Before Photos

The vehicle arrived quite dirty from a road trip the previous weekend.

As with most german vehicle, the wheels were caked with brake dust.

Even with the vehicle quite dirty it was quite easy to see the paint was in terrible condition from a very poor previous "detail"

The vehicle was thoroughly washed and decon'd and at this point we could get a better idea of just how severe the damage was.

The damage was pretty extensive around almost the whole exterior of the vehicle.

Rotary burns or buffer trails were easily visible.

Correction & Coating Process

With the vehicle clean it was pulled in the garage and we started out with a test spot, which provided the results we were looking for.

You can see the entire side of the vehicle was covered in swirls and plenty of RIDS.

Here is a 50/50 shot on the hood after compounding.

A closer few of the 50/50. The compounding really brought out the color and metallic in the finish.

Another before shot of the driver side door.

With the vehicle compounded and polished, it was wiped down with Eraser prior to being coated.

Finished Photos

A quick walk around showing the finished product. The gloss and depth of the paint is no longer hidden by all the surface flaws, allowing this beautiful brown finish to shine in the sun.

The finished product turned out quite amazing for a vehicle that has roughly 100k miles on it.

The finished product.

Amazing gloss and clarity following the correction and application of the coating.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

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