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  • Kevin M. George

2013 McLaren MP4-12c

The owner of this gorgeous McLaren MP4-12c recently traded his Ferrari f430 and upon receiving it was less then happy with the condition of the finish. The car was to receive a paint correction along with one of our premium paint coatings.

Before Photos

Picture of the car just after being dropped off, prior to being washed.

Another before photo

One last before photo.

Correction / Coating Process

All washed, decon'd and ready to begin the paint correction work.

As you can see in this photo, the paint was in quite poor condition from the previous owner.

Close up 50/50 shot on the driver side door.

Some heavy scratches on the driver side of the vehicle.

The compounding process removed a majority of the marks, however left the paint hazy.

As with many other areas of the car, the hood had some extensive damage from prior work done on the vehicle. Here is a 50/50 shot of the hood.

The passenger side door looked much like the driver side with heavy swirling.

50/50 of the door.

All compounded and polished, ready to have the coating applied

After Photos

Quick walk around video of the vehicle after the coating application.

The finished product looked like a rolling mirror.

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

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