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  • Kevin M. George

2015 Subaru Crosstrek

This vehicle originally came in looking to remove tree sap from the hood and roof, however the worked ended up being done by someone else which resulted in both panels needing to be repainted. Once repaired the vehicle came in for our Paint Correction Service along with application of one of our Premium Paint Coatings and a Trim Coating.

Before Photos

Before photo just after being dropped off.

Quite a bit of dirt and debris on the driver side of the vehicle.

Lots of brake dust built up on the wheels.

Before photo of the passenger side of the vehicle.

Close up of the passenger side rocker before being washed.

Wash & Decon Process

The start of the wash and decon process.

Paint Correction Process

Condition of the paint once washed and pulled in the shop under our paint correctin lights.

There was heavy swirling and fine scratches all over the entire exterior of the vehicle.

Taping off for our test spot

50/50 of our test spot.

After Photos

Quick walk around video after the vehicle has been finished.

The finished product

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