• Kevin M George

2019 Ford F250 Platinum

This client was referred to me by another client I have done a few vehicles for. As you can tell in the before pictures, the owner is not afraid to use this as a truck. The owner is VERY into hunting and the truck is used for this purpose, and he was looking to make it easier to clean up after use. With how he uses the vehicle we recommended our best bang for the buck coating for trucks which is our CQuartz UK Service with the addition of our Premium Wheels off Service. He also requested to have the interior detailed as it was quite dirty and needed some attention. This one made for some great before and after photos just due to how dirty it was when it arrived, unfortunately we did not get many pictures during the correction process as we were on a tight timeline with this one and the color made it difficult to capture good 50/50 shots of the finish.

Before Photos

Cleaning and Polishing Process

The Final Product