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  • Kevin M George

1986 Porsche 928s

We were contacted by the current owner of this vehicle after he had seen we have previously worked on older guards red Porsches. The car was originally owned by his grandfather and had been in storage for several years, the car was recently pulled out of storage and in need of some serious attention inside and out.

Before Photos

Here are some photos of the car after being dropped off The exterior was quite dirty along with being covered in yellow overspray on most of the surfaces The interior was also very dirty with mildew on most of the the leather surfaces

Paint Correction Service

This was the most extensive part of the process on this project. The vehicle had sat in a shop that was used for painting heavy equipment and covered with industrial overspray in addition to being in poor condition. Here are pictures from the process.

The Finished Product

Here are some pictures of the the car all finished. It was quite the turn around from how the vehicle showed up. The owner was extremely happy with the results and said he never imagined it would turn out this well.

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