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  • Kevin M George

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera

This client was referred to be from a previous client I did work for earlier this year. They have owned this car from new and were not happy with how the exterior of the vehicle looked. We settled on a wheels off Platinum Protection Service with CQuartz Finest applied to the paint and wheels. The interior was also cleaned and the leather surfaces were coated with CQuartz Leather Coating.

Before Photos

A photo of the car just after being dropped off.

You can see the car was quite dusty when it arrived.

The paint on a majority of the car looked like this, with very heavy swirling and lots of RIDS.

A before photo from the passenger side rears shows the same condition present on the passenger rear quarter.

Before photo of the wheels. These were actually in not all that dirty on the wheel faces.

The convertible top was quite dusty prior to being cleaned. The exterior of the car was thoroughly washed along with the convertible top. It was then chemically and mechanically decon'd prior to being dried and pulled into the garage.

Correction and Coating Process

Once fully cleaned it was pulled inside to begin the paint correction process. Prior to that the paint was inspected.

It was pretty clear before even washing the car that the paint was in very poor condition considering the car only has 30k miles on it.

The paint was very dull and flat looking due to how heavily damaged the finish was.

Another before photo of the hood.

Another before of the hood from a different angle.

Before of the driver side rear quarter. This panel had pretty extensive scratches in the finish.

Prior to starting the correction process on the paint, the convertible top was treated with a protectant to keep the top clean and dry with great hydrophobic properties.

The hood was taped off to perform a test spot.

The paint cleaned up pretty nice after the initial round of compounding.

Passenger side front fender prior to correction.

Same panel after being compounded.

Passenger rear quarter prior to correction.

Passenger rear quarter after being compounded.

Top side of the passenger rear quarter prior to correction.

Top side of the passenger rear quarter after being compounded. You can see in these picture that the compound causes marring in the paint making it look hazy. The exterior will need to be polished to clean up this hazy appearance resulting in a deep glossy finish.

Scratches on the driver side door prior to correction.

Same after being compounded.

Driver side rear quarter panel prior to correction.

Driver side rear quarter panel after being compounded.

Once the exterior of the car was compounded and polished the wheels were removed to clean the barrels and face. You can see quite a bit of dirt built up on the barrel of this front wheel.

The barrels were thorough cleaned along with the faces. The faces were then polished prior to being coated.

Engine Compartment Detail

Prior to coating the exterior of the car the engine compartment was cleaned and dressed.

Finished Photos

Quick walk around video after finishing the vehicle.

The car looked amazing when finished with lots of depth and gloss.

Finished product.