• Kevin M. George

1987 Buick Grand National

This car came to on a referral from another customer. This is a one owner car and has been been in storage for the last several years. It was just recently pulled out of storage by the owner's son to get back into shape. The car is a low mileage survivor car with under 30k miles on it. The paint has certainly seen better days which is why it was brought into the shop. We performed a Level 2 Paint Corrcetion Service to restore gloss and clarity back into this old single stage paint. These cars have very thin paint to begin with from the factory so we were very careful and conservative on the correction process to minimize the amount of paint removed.

Before Photos

Pictures of the car just after being dropped off. The car arrived pretty clean, so we simply did a mechanical decon on the exterior prior to pulling it into the correction bay.

Before photo from another angle. The car looked pretty decent outside when not in the direct sunlight.