• Kevin M. George

2015 Ford Mustang Roush RS1

This Mustang came to us in need of some serious attention. The black paint was in very poor condition and had seen a few years of continuous drive through car wash use which has certainly taken its toll on the finish. While the car looked pretty good in the shade it was a totally different story under lights or in the sun light. The car received our Level 2 Paint Correction Service, which consisted of a heavy compound and polishing process to restore gloss, depth and clarity to the finish of this gorgeous car.

Before Photos

Before photo of the car after being dropped off.

Before photo from another angle.

This is a quick video before we started working on the car. This is a good example of why picture can be quite deceiving. While this car looked good and glossy under the initial lighting, the real story came out once the LED light was used on the cars finish. Don't always believe what you see.