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  • Kevin M. George

1969 Chevrolet Corvette Custom

This is one of the wildest paint jobs we have had the opportunity to work on to date. This car was customized back in the early 70's at an expense of nearly $12,000, which at that time was a crazy amount of money considering the car was a fraction of that to buy when new. The car has been owned by its current owner since the early 80's and has been in storage for several years. It was brought to us to clean up the finish and prepare it for display at this years Corvettes at Carlisle as it was selected to be one of the feature display cars this year. Onto the good stuff.

Before Photos

The car arrived pretty clean already, so we simply did a mechanical decon on the exterior and pulled it into the correction bay.

Another before shot from the passenger side.

Just a few Vettes hanging out in the shop together.

Polishing Process

Unfortunately with the amount of metal flake and pearls in the paint it was very difficult to photo graph and flaws in the finish. We did however lightly compound and polish the finish which drastically improved the gloss and clarity of this crazy but gorgeous paint.

Look at that metal pop!

Finished Product

A quick walk around video showing just how gorgeous this paint really is. This car was quite unpopular with corvette community for a long time and this year has finally gotten some amazing respect that it has long deserved.

The paint on this car is amazing out in the sunlight. The color is out of this world and certainly draws a lot of attention.

The car after we delivered it to Carlisle and placed it on display. The icing on the cake is that the car was selected for a celebrity award by the Nation Corvette Museum. This was a pretty honored award considering they are typically against modified cars and this is about as extreme as you get.

Thanks for looking and be sure to schedule your car today!

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