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  • Kevin M Geroge

2005 Dodge Ram SRT10

The truck has led a rough life and was being used as a work truck for quite a few years. The truck was now being cleaned up to retire from a work truck and more of a personal use fun vehicle. A friend of mine was doing some mechanical work on this truck and had posted some pictures. I noticed right away how poor the paint looked in his pictures and he mentioned the owner would likely be interested in having the truck done. I did a test spot for him to show the owner, and we settled on a multi stage paint correction to clean the paint up to a respectable level.

Before Photo

Before photo of the engine compartment.

This V10 beast is certainly in need of a bath.

Before photo of the front end.

Notice the heavy swirling on the passenger side front fender, this is what pretty much the entire vehicle looks like.

Lots of swirled and random scratches on the passenger side of the bed.

Close up before photo of the grille emblem.

Good amount of dust and dirt on the front end.

Before of the rear bumper and tail gate.

Wash Process

Dirty wheels with tires that are in desperate need of a cleaning. notice how brown the tire appears.

First step of the cleaning process was to clean up the wheels and tires.

Strong foam pre-soak to start the cleaning process of the body.

Correction Process

Before photo of the driver side front fender.

Driver side front fender after being compounded.

Before photo of the driver side of the bed.

Driver side of the bed after being compounded.

Another before picture of the driver side of the bed.

Same area after being compounded.

The passenger side front fender prior to correction.

Passenger front fender after being compounded.

50/50 shot of the hood after being compounded and polished.

Before photo of the passenger side rear door.

50/50 shot of the same area after being compounded.

Passenger rear door before correction.

Same area after being compounded.

The bottom of this picture shows how the compound process would leave the paint hazy looking. This is called marring, which was then cleaned up during the polishing process leaving a nice deep black finish.

Exhaust tips prior to being cleaned.

After photo of the exhaust tips

Final Product

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