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2017 BMW M2

I was contacted by the owner of this vehicle a few weeks prior to taking delivery of the car. He had done some research on the some of the BMW forums in regards to protecting his investment and decided that CQuartz Finest was the way to go. After meeting with him to discuss the available options we settled on a wheels off service and coating for ease of maintenance. We also requested to receive the car unprepped from the dealer.

Before Photo

The car arrived fairly clean so the prep work was not going to be too bad.

Wash Process

The exterior was sprayed with IronX to chemically remove any deposits that may be present on the exterior surfaces. After a few minutes the car was sprayed with a strong foam presoak to begin the wash process.

At this point in time various brushes were used to clean the grille and other tighter areas.

Fully washed, decon'd and dried.

Correction / Coating Process

At this point the car was pulled into the garage and the wheels were removed to begin the polishing process. Since the car arrived in very good condition I have no pictures from this process.

With the wheels removed the calipers were cleaned and polished prior to being coated.

Once cleaned the calipers received a quick polish to clean up the surface.

Even with very few miles on the car the wheels had a good bit of brake dust on them as is common on performance cars.

The wheels were cleaned and lightly polished to prep them for coating.

Once polished and coated, two coats of Blackpearl were applied on the tires.

Wheel and tire finished and reinstalled on the car.

Wheel and tire finished and reinstalled on the car.

After Photos

The finished product. This color is simply amazing in the sunlight and pictures certainly do not do it justice.

The finished product.

The gloss and depth of the paint was fantastic.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

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