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  • Kevin M George

2016 Subaru WRX STi

This car was recently purchased by the owner who had to travel to VA to purchase this exact color combo which is a limited edition color. The car arrived with roughly 12k miles on it and the exterior was in need of some attention. There was quite a bit of swirling and RIDS on the exterior. We decided to perform a correction and coating along with a premium wheels off service and coating, making maintaining this beauty a breeze.

Before Photos

This color looks amazing evening when it is dirty and in poor condition.

The car was taken to H2O prior to coming in for the work and was covered in dead bugs and other road debris.

Lots of brake dust on these gloss black wheels.

The exhaust had a fair amount of carbon build up on them.

Wash / Decon Process

First step of the wash and decon process was a quick cleaning of the wheels.

Start off by scrubbing the tires.

Followed by a quick cleaning of the wheel faces and barrels.

And we now have a glossy black wheel not covered in brake dust.

The exterior of the car was sprayed to chemically decon the painted surfaces.

After allowing the chemical decon to work it course the car was foamed with a strong concentration to break down anything debris that was on the surface prior to the 2 bucket wash.

Correction / Coating Process

A bug sponge was used to remove the bug debris.

With the car clean it was pulled in the garage and it was easy to see the true condition of the paint.

You can see a fair amount of swirling on the hood.

The driver side rear door prior to correction.

Same panel after being compounded.

The following day the wheels were removed to start the cleaning process prior to applying the coating.

The barrels were cleaned with various brushes for a nice clean surface.

With the barrels and faces clean, it was time to lightly polish the faces prior to being wiped down and coated.

With the wheels finished we moved onto the calipers and wheel wells. They were cleaned with our steamer and a degreaser

Passenger side wheel well prior to cleaning.

The cleaning process with steam.

Wheel well cleaned and dressed.

Passenger front caliper prior to cleaning.

Caliper after being cleaned.

The rocker moldings on these car are almost always in poor condition, and these were no different.

A 50/50 shot of the driver side rocker molding.

Same rocker from a different angle.

Driver rear quarter prior to correction.

Same panel after being compounded.

A 50/50 shot of the driver side rear door.