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  • Kevin M. George

1989 Ford Mustang GT

The owner has put a lot of money into this vehicle on all the items you can't see just looking at it. He was debating having the car repainted, however after receiving a few quotes and talking with him when I previously worked on his truck, he decided to let me have the car for awhile and see what we can do with it.

Before Photos

Paint Correction Process

The existing single stage paint was quite dull and certainly showing its age

This was my first test spot that I tried on the hood. We were able to pull some life back out of the paint and restore some gloss.

Here is a before photo on the driver side door.

The cutting process certainly cleaned up the finish, however it was still hazy due to marring and would require a clean up with a polish

Driver side rear quarter before correction.

After being compounded.

Also the driver side rear quarter panel before correction.

After being compounded.

All compounded and polished and ready to move onto the wheels and other details.

The car was put up on the lifts and the wheels were pulled to clean the wheel wells and polish and coat the wheels.

Passenger side front wheel well before being cleaned.

After being cleaned and dressed with a long term protection.

The mirrors looked dull and in need of cleaning

While not a huge difference it certainly looks much better then it was.

After Photos

A quick walk around video of the vehicle after being completed.

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

The finished product

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