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  • Kevin M. George

2016 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide

This bike was purchased by the owner last fall and at the time of purchase the dealer talked him in to a dealer applied paint protection. After initially turning them down he ended up purchasing the protection from them. Once receiving the bike after the service, it returned in worse condition then when it went in. He said it was rough and felt like sand paper, so after complaining to the dealer they asked him to return with the bike and they would fix it. Once again the bike came back no longer feeling rough, however it was now covered in swirls and fine scratches. At this point he contacted me to see if I could do anything to fix the flaws and get it back into good shape. After looking at the bike and discussing some options with him, I recommended he get his money back from the dealership prior to doing anything. After a few months of back and forth with the dealer he got his money back and we settled on performing a paint correction followed by the application of CQuartz Professional to keep the paint protected for years to come.

Before Photos

The bike was dropped off quite dirty due to being caught in a rain storm a few days earlier.

Before photo of the tank.

You can see quite a bit of dirt built up on the exterior.

Before photo of this beautiful paint scheme.

Before of the front fender.

Once last before photo of the rear fender and bags.

Correction Process

Following a thorough wash job the bike was dried and pulled into the shop and pulled apart to start the correction process along with more cleaning.

This is the condition the bike was in after multiple attempts from the dealer to fix the issues on the finish.

The fairing had quite a bit of swirling, scuffs and RIDS on the surface.

All the paint and powder coated pieces were compounded and polished to remove all the surface flaws leaving a glossy defect free finish.

With a freshly corrected finish, the paint was wiped down and multiple coats of CQuartz Professional was applied on the painted and powder coated surfaces.

Finished Photos

The final results were amazing. The paint really came to life with endless gloss and depth.

The icing on the cake!

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

Amazing depth and clarity.

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