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  • Kevin M. George

2015 Lexus IS250 f-sport

Like most black Lexus's, the exterior of this car arrived needing quite a bit of attention. The car arrived quite dirty, with heavy swirling and lots of scratches and RIDS. Following a lighter paint correction, a majority of the flaws were removed or much less visible. The exterior was finished off with a sealant following the correction process.

Before Photos

A picture of the vehicle prior to starting the wash process.

The wheels were very heavily covered in brake dust .

Before of the front.

Dirt and debris on the hood prior to being washed.

Before photo from the driver side rear quarter.

Carbon and dirt built up on the chrome exhaust tip.

One last close up before photo of the rear before starting the wash process.

Paint Correction Process

With the car cleaned and decon'd it was pulled into the shop. This is was the existing condition of the paint under our correction lights. The entire car looked like this and in many places it was actually worse.

We taped off the door to do a test spot. The results looked pretty good considering this was the compound step on a fairly soft paint.

A good before and after shot of the driver side door.

There were marks on the hood from some type of pad or sand paper that someone used to try and clean up a flaw on the hood.

While not fully removed, a majority of the damage was fixed during the compounding stage of the correction.

After Photos

A quick walk around video of the vehicle once it was finished and ready for pickup.

The finished product looked amazing following the paint correction and sealant application. The surface had lots of depth and clarity now.

The finished product.

The finished product.​

The finished product.​

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