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  • Kevin M Geroge

2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1

This vehicle was purchased brand new by the owner and has only been driven during the summer months in nicer weather. With just over 5,000 miles on it, the exterior was in need of some attention from being wiped down on the last few years. Sections of the exterior had RIDS along with heavy swirling taking away from the gloss. The big thing the owner was looking for was something to make the wheels easier to keep clean. We settled on a premium wheels off, multi-stage paint correction service and CQuartz Professional coating for years of gloss and easy maintenance.

Before Photos

Photo of the front prior to starting work.

Another before photo of the hood from a different angle.

Before photo of the driver side rear quarter panel.

Before photo of swirling on the rear deck lid.

Light swirling on the front corner of the vehicle.

Swirling on the passenger side rear quarter.

The vehicle was thoroughly washed and decon'd prior to starting the correction work.

Correction Process

This is a 50/50 showing the before and after of the correction process. The result is a nice deep black finish.

Passenger side front fender prior to correction.

Same panel after being compounded.

The rear trunk lid and bumper cover prior to correction.

This photo shows the effect of using an aggressive compound to remove the flaw. The finish is left with marring (small tick marks) that make the paint look hazy.

Following up with a polish cleans the surface up leaving a nice clear deep black finish.

The calipers and suspension were cleaned with our steamer, prior to applying a coating on the calipers.

The passenger wheel well after being thoroughly cleaned.

The wheels were treated with 2 coats of CQuartz Professional for easy cleaning from all the brake dust these performance brakes create.

With everything polished and the wheels put back on the car, the exterior was wiped down with Eraser to prep the vehicle for the application of CQuartz Professional.

The coating being applied on the passenger side front fender.

Finished Photos

The results following the correction process and application of CQuartz Professional were outstanding. The gloss and clarity of the finish speak for themselves in the above video.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

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