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  • Kevin M. George

2015 Jeep Wrangler

We were contacted by the owner of this after a trip to beach left the interior of this Jeep quite dirty with lots of sand and animal hair through out the entire interior. The entire interior was removed in order to thoroughly remove all the sand and hair.

Before Photos

Getting ready to begin the work.

Before photo of the rear trunk space.

Lots of grass and sand in the driver side floor.

Before of the center console with LOTS of sand and dirt.

Sand in the passenger rear floor.

We started to remove the seats for more easy access to the floors.

With all the seats removed in order to remove the carpets for cleaning.

A large amount of sand and hair was present on the carpets under the back seat.

After Photos

With the interior removed all the sand was removed from the floors. The carpets were thorough blown and cleaned to remove all the sand prior to reinstalling. At this point we also cleaned all the trim in the interior.

Cleaned carpets being reinstalled back into the interior.

All of the carpet back in place and ready to reinstall all the seats.

Interior is all back together and complete.

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