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  • Kevin M. George

2016 Chevy Camaro SS

This client came to use through a referral after doing his friends ZL1 Camaro. As with most black GM cars the exterior had its fair share of swirling and fine scratches. The owner requested to have the same service we did on the ZL1, which was our CQuartz Professional Service along with our Premium Wheels off Service.

Before Photos

Quite the sharp looking car even prior to beginning any work on the vehicle.

Swirling and other flaws were easily visible even prior to the wash process.

More flaws on the hood and front fender.

And flaws present on the roof.

Flaws on the trunk lid and spoiler.

The vehicle received a strong pre-soak followed by a thorough wash and decon process.

Paint Correction Process

With the vehicle clean it was pulled inside and placed on the lift under our correction lights to begin the paint correction process.

50/50 shot on the driver side rear quarter panel.

Another 50/50 on the driver side of the hood.

One more 50/50 on the driver side rear quarter.

With the wheels removed for coating, the calipers were also thoroughly cleaned and coated for easy cleaning.

After Photos

Quick walk around of the vehicle prior to pick up.

And the finished product with amazing amounts of gloss and depth.

The finished product.

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