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  • Kevin M. George

2017 Ford Expedition Platinum

This beautiful pearl white Expedition was recently purchased by its owner. They were looking to have the best possible protection, CQuartz Finest Reserve possible protection offered applied to the exterior making it much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Before Photos

Before photo of the vehicle just after being dropped off.

The wheels were quite dirty from a decent amount of brake dust.

Closer picture of dirt build up on the side of the vehicle prior to cleaning.

Prepping the vehicle to be washed.

Iron deposits being treated with Iron X

A strong pre-soak prior to being thoroughly washed and decon'd.

All cleaned up and ready to be polished prior to application of the coating.

Polishing and Coating Process

All polished up and and ready to be coated.

The magic is about to go on.

After Photos

A quick walk around video of the vehicle just prior to being picked up.

The finished product.

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