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  • Kevin M. George

2015 BMW M4 Convertible

I was contacted by the owner of this recently purchased BMW M4 by another client of mine. The exterior was in some desperate need of attention as the prior owner certainly did not take the greatest care of the vehicle. There were several scratches on the vehicle along with quite a bit of swirling. Fortunately this color does a great job masking several of these imperfections. After a consultation visit with the owner we decide on my Premium Wheels off CQuartz Professional Service for extremely easy maintenance of the vehicle. Here are photos from the process.

Before Photos

A few before photos of the car after being dropped off prior to being washed.

Before of the passenger side.

Before from the front.

Another angle from the front.

During the wash and decon process.

Paint Correction Process

A photo of the hood after being washed and dried, you can see quite a bit of swirling along with some scratches on the hood.

A closer view of the area.

With the car prepped for correction is placed in the correction bay and the wheels removed for further cleaning and ceramic coating.

Wheel well prior to cleaning.

Wheel well after being cleaned and dressed.

With the wheels finished and placed back on the vehicle. I am using a smaller polisher to work on smaller and tighter areas on the front bumper of the vehicle.

Paint Coating Application

Following correction the car was thoroughly cleaned and wiped down to remove all polishing oils and prepare the surface for coating. As mentioned previously this vehicle was receiving CQuartz Professional which is a 2 year warrantied coating consisting of two (2) heavily applied layers.

Just after finishing up application of the coating. As the coating fully cures the gloss level will continue to increase.

Final Product

With the coating all finished it was pulled outside for our first look at the finished product.

After being allowed to sit over night we have some pictures of the car in the sun the day following the coating application.

The gloss level was amazing along with the surface slickness.

Thanks for looking!

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