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  • Kevin M. George

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

The owner of this Corvette was referred to us by another Corvette owner that we had previously done work for. Both are members of the Lebanon Area Corvette Club. The car was in need of some attention. It had previously had paint protective film (PPF) applied to the front bumper and a section of the hood nearly 10 years ago. The film was beginning to yellow and not look very nice. The paint was also in need of a thorough polishing to remove swirling and minor scratches around the car.

Before Photos

Picture of the car just after being dropped off. The owner keeps this car in quite good condition and very clean. We simply did a waterless wash on the exterior and performed a mechanical decon of the surface prior to going in the correction bay.

Polishing Process

This is a picture of the nose which is currently covered with old PPF. This is still offering protection from rock chips even though it is not very appealing visually.

This is the same section after being compounded to remove the heavy swirling that was present. While the finish is not flawless, it is still a drastic improvement over its previous condition. The owner was not ready to remove the film at this time so we did what we could to improve it.

The door has been compounded and polished while the fender is still in its original condition.

The hood after being compounded and polished.

All finished up with the paint and ready to start on the wheels off service.

Wheels off Service

The wheels have been removed and I am currently cleaning the wheel wells prior to reinstalling the wheels.

Wheel wells all cleaned, dressed and ready to have the coated wheels reinstalled.

Finished Product

Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to get any after photos of the car in the sunlight as it was overcast once the vehicle was finished.

CQuartz Professional offering that dripping wet look that it is notorious for.

Thanks for looking at be sure to schedule your car today!

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