• Kevin M George

2001 Porsche Boxster

This 2001 Porsche Boxster was in some serious need of attention. The car was covered with heavy swirls and lots of scratches, really taking away from the cars appearance. It was treated to a multi-stage paint correction followed by the application of a new wax by Poorboy's World that was being reviewed for Detailed Image.

Before Photos

The car was quite dusty when I brought it home for the work from being in the garage most of the winter

The paint really did not look all that bad when it was in the shade or low light.

Some scuff marks on the driver side front corner of the bumper.

The plastics on the wiper cowl were very faded and looked more of a gray color then the black that it should be.

The convertible top was also quite dirty, and had a brownish tint to it.

In the sunlight you can just how dirty and dusty the car actually was.

Another bigger scuff/dent in the passenger side fender.


The wheels were not too horrible, although they did have a good bit of brake dust on the inner barrels along with some quite greasy tire dressing.

This picture shows the Iron.X breaking down the brake dust on the surface of the wheels.

Using a wheel woolie to clean the wheels.

Nice and clean wheels and tires.

Cleaned, protected and beading water

The exhaust had quite a bit of carbon built up on the tip due to lack of cleaning.

Iron.x was used for cleaning along with some steel wool to remove the carbon build up.