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  • Kevin M George

TSW Bardo (Wheel Coating)

These 20" TSW Bardo wheels were recently purchased by a client of mine. He called asking if I could apply a coating on the wheels prior to them being put on the car. This is the best time to treat your wheels as it is a very simple process and require very little cleaning.

This is a picture of one of the wheels after they were dropped off. they were dirty and had residue and finger prints on them from the installation of the tires.

The wheels were placed on the table to begin the cleaning process.

Being new the wheels were in good condition, so just a simple eraser wipe down was needed to prepare them for the application of the coating.

Once the faces and barrels were fully cleaned it was time to apply the coating. Two (2) coats were sprayed on the wheels.

After allowing the coating to set, the first coat was leveled prior to applying the second coat.

Freshly coated and awaiting curing under the IR lamp.

The wheels were place under our IR lamp to bake the coating in order to speed up the curing process and increase gloss.

Coated, cured and crazy gloss.

The wheels installed on the car

The wheels certainly dressed up the exterior of this Toyota Solara.

Another view of the wheels on the car.

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