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  • Kevin M George

2014 Corvette Stingray

The owner of this car contacted me after trading his SRT8 Charger Super Bee, which I had previously done a few years ago. The car had some minor imperfections that he was not happy with and wanted fixed. He was looking for the exact same service on this car that he had performed on his SRT8. We went with a Platinum Protection Service (CQuartz Finest Service) along with a Premium Wheels Off Detail, Glass Coating and a Basic Interior Detail.

Before Photos

This is the car just after being dropped off for service.

The car only sees use on nice days, and has not seen rain since he purchased the car.

The exhaust tips have some build up on them and look kinda dull.

Before photo of the front.

Before photo from the driver side. This car looks good even when it is dirty.

As is common with most performance cars the brakes produce a lot of brake dust, you can see I put a finger swipe on the wheel to show just how dirty it was.

The Wash Process

I really did not take many pictures during the wash process as the car was fairly clean to begin with. I started with cleaning the wheels as always, followed by apply Iron-x to the exterior of the vehicle to chemically decon the car. Once the IX worked its course, I foamed the car prior to a 2 bucket method wash.

The wheels being thoroughly cleaned with Iron-X.

Iron-X breaking down some deposits on the front fender.

The Correction Process

Once the car was fully decon'd and washed it was pulled in the garage and placed on the lifts to begin the correction process.

I took very few pictures during the correction process as there were only a few minor areas that needed major attention. Most of the car had just minor light swirling and very fine scratches which is fairly normal on a lot of cars prior to the start of this process. This photo was after finishing up the polishing process.

The faces of the wheels were polished to remove swirling on the very soft finish that is on these wheels.

The owner had the passenger side wheels purchased just after getting the car. After being repaired the faces and barrels were covered in over spray making the wheels very flat and gray looking, not gloss black like they should be.

The car was wiped down and ready to begin the application of Finest.

Once the car was coated I moved on to smaller details like polishing the exhaust tips. The one on the left has been polished and no longer looked dull.

The car was backed out of the garage to check for and high spots after the coating application.

The Finished Product

A quick video showing the depth and gloss of the finish once the service was finished and the coating was applied.

This car had an amazing amount of gloss once finished. The metallic really came to life after being polished also, and looked crazy in the sunlight.

The finished product.

The paint looks dripping wet with the sharp angles on this car.

The finished product.

The finished product.

The finished product.

A nice reflection shot on the hood.

Some after picture on the interior after a light cleaning.

After picture of the interior.

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