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  • Kevin M George

2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

I was contacted about doing this car for the owners wife. She has always loved Trans Am's and she was finally able to get one, however the car needed some attention. He decided to have the car done for her Anniversary present. What a great gift.

Before Photos

This is a picture of the car just after being dropped off.

There is quite a bit of dirt on the car from being driven and the rainy weather from this week.

These cars always get a good bit of dirt build up under the spoiler.

The Wash Process

As always I started with the wheels. These had a good bit of brake dust on the and were treated with Iron-x.

While Iron-x was working on breaking down the dirt on the wheel, the tires were thoroughly scrubbed.

Various brushes were used to clean the wheels.

With the wheels cleaned it was time to move onto the paint. The car was first treated to a foam pre-soak and chemical decon, followed by a 2 bucket method wash. The last step of the wash process is to go over the car with a Nanoskin wash mitt.

Paint Correction Process

As you can see in this picture the paint was in quite poor condition with heavy swirling and moderate scratches. This is a before picture of the driver side front fender prior to correction.

The driver side front fender after being compounded.

Driver side door prior to correction

Driver side door after being compounded.

Driver side rear quarter prior to correction

Driver side rear quarter after being compounded

Prior to correction

After being compounded

Passenger side rear quarter prior to correction.

Here is a 50/50 shot showing the back half the quarter after being compounded.

The passenger rear quarter after being fulled compounded.

Passenger door prior to correction.

Passenger door after being compounded.

Passenger front fender prior to correction.

Passenger front fender after being compounded.

In this picture I am using my Rupes mini to work on the front bumper cover of the car.

The Final Product

Once the correction process was finished, the car was protected with a sealant which gave it a nice deep glossy finish as seen.

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