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  • Kevin M George

2003 50th Anniversary Corvette

The owner had just purchased this car and knew that it needed some attention. He was planning on taking the car to Corvette at Carlisle the following week and wanted to have the car cleaned up to take to the show and surprise his brothers with. The exterior of the car was in very poor condition due to the dealer or previous owner and needed quite a bit of attention.

Before / Wash Process Photos

This is a picture of the car before beginning the wash/decon process.

First step of the process was to being with cleaning the wheels and tires.

This picture shows Iron-X breaking down the brake dust on the wheels.

The exhaust area before cleaning.

The car was foamed with a strong concentration to begin the wash process.

Following the foam bath, the vehicle was washed using the 2 bucket method.

After the two bucket method wash and being treated with Iron-X, the vehicle was washed one final time using a Nanoskin wash mitt.

Paint Correction Process

This picture shows the condition of the paint on the hood. the hood was covered in swirls, RIDS and plenty of damage from a rotary.

This is a picture of the trunk lid that had the same type of damage.

Driver side quarter panel.

This is a 50/50 shot of the hood

Passenger side fender before being compounded.

Passenger side fender after being compounded.

The tail lights were removed so this area could be cleaned and polished.

After cleaning and polish.

The rear end after being compounded.

The car was then pulled outside and washing one more time before being sealed with Hydr02.

Final Product

Some low light pictures after being sealed.

This picture was taken the following morning in the sun. this color really pops in the sun light.

These hood make for killer reflections and gloss.

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