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  • Kevin M George

2015 BMW M3

I was contacted by the owner prior to taking delivery of this car. He was doing some research online and was very interested in the best protection for his new M3 as soon as he took possession of the car. He wanted all surfaces of the car protected from the paint, wheel, glass, interior leather and fabric. This car was treated to CQuartz Finest on the paint and wheels, Forte on the glass, CQuartz Leather on the seats and other leather surfaces along with CQuartz Fabric on the floor mats.

Before Photos

The owner picked this car up from the dealer 2 days before bringing it to me. It showed up with just over 200 miles on it.

To start the process I put the car up on the lift to remove the wheels.

Some minor dirt built up on the passenger side fender and rocker.

Spotting on the front from rain the previous day.

The Wash Process

After pulling the wheels I proceeded to start the foam pre-soak.

The wheel wells, brakes and suspension components were then thoroughly cleaned.

Some sort of yellow foam or glue which was in quite a few areas on the car.

This was then cleaned up

Once the wheel wells were finished up the 2 bucket method wash was started.

I followed up the 2 bucket method wash with a chemical decon using Iron-X and yet another wash.

Polishing Process

After finishing up the wash and decon the wheels were put back on and the car wash pulled into the garage and placed back on the lift for the remainder of the service.

We then proceeded to go over the car and find any flaws in the paint. This was located on the driver side fender.

A slight scratch on the driver side of the hood.

Some scuff marks on the driver side fender.

More scuff marks on the driver side.

This scratch/scuff was on the trunk lid.

The only area on the car that had quite a bit of swirling was on the rockers panels on both sides.

Using my Rupes 15 to take care of the finish on the car.

Wheel Detail

After finishing up the polishing process I then started on the wheels. The brakes on this car give off a lot of brake dust as can be seen in this picture.

The backside of the wheel and tire were thoroughly cleaned.

After being cleaned with Megs APC and Tuf-Shine tire cleaner.

The front of the wheel then received the same treatment.

After being cleaned.

Once the wheels were cleaned I moved onto cleaning the wheel wells

The brake calipers were then wiped down with Eraser and protected with CQuartz DLUX.

Coating Application

The car was then thoroughly wiped down with Eraser to prepare the surface for the coating

After finishing up the application of Finest on the body, I then applied 2 coats on the wheels via airbrush.

While I was applying the coating on the wheels the rest of the car was being cured by the IR Lamp.

Once the coating was cured on the paint 3 layers of Forte were applied on the windshield and 1 coat on the remaining glass and left to sit overnight. The car was pulled out the following morning to inspect.

The Final Product

This is a color that pictures don't do justice for.

Interior received a light cleaning prior to applying CQuartz Leather on all the leather surface on the interior along with CQuartz Fabric to the floor mats.

The interior door panels, seats and dash were protected with CQuartz Leather.

Carbon fiber roof looking like a mirror.

Wheels wearing 2 coats of CQuartz Finest.

The engine compartment received a quick wipe down as it was already pretty clean.

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