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  • Kevin M George

2015 Ford Mustang GT

This 2015 Ford Mustang GT received our Premium Protection Service consisting of a multi-stage paint correction before being finished off with CQuartz along with a trim coating. The owner of the car was looking for long term protection to keep the car looking its best. Areas of the car had minor swirling and fine scratches, while the car still looked glossy there was still a good bit of room for improvement in the quality of the finish of this beautiful Ruby Red Metallic paint.

The car was dropped off just before it was about to rain. This is just after being dropped off.

You can see the car has quite a bit of dirt on the exterior due to use.

A before photo from the driver side rear quarter.

Although the wheels are not overly dirty, they did have a good amount of brake dust on them with the largest amount being in the barrels. The tires were also quite dirty and brown looking.

The tires were scrubbed to remove the dirt and the wheels were thoroughly cleaned with multiple different brushes leaving them good as new.

Once cleaned they were treated with a sealant giving a nice glossy finish and great hydrophobic properties.

Once the wheels were finished, the car received a 2-bucket method wash and was chemically decon'd prior to being dried.

Once dried the vehicle was pulled in the garage to view the true condition of the paint. You can see quite a bit of swirling and fine scratches on the finish.

The same swirling and light scratches were on a majority of the vehicle, this is a picture of the driver side rear quarter panel.

A picture of the passenger front fender with heavy swirling. This color does a great job of masking the real condition of the paint.

This picture shows the paint after being compounded. The paint on the left has a good bit more clarity due to no longer having all the swirls and scratches on the surface.

After finishing the compounding process, we moved on to the second step of the process which was using a finishing polish.

Following the polishing process the Ruby Red Metallic paint really came to life, with an amazing amount of gloss and depth. This picture was just after being wiped down with Eraser to prepare the surface for coating application.

Once the application of CQuartz Nano Coating was finished, the car was pulled out to look for any remaining high spots that may need leveled.

I wanted to get a few after shots in the sun since the following day it was supposed to snow. Typically I like to let the coating cure prior to final pictures.

The finish was simply amazing in the sunlight and the paint seemed to just glow.

This seems to change shades depending on how the sunlight is hitting it.

A nice deep glossy finish.

Picture of the car waiting to be picked up by the client.

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