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Headlight Restoration Service

Do your headlights looks hazy or cloudy? Are you tired of not being able to see the road clearly at night? If your headlights have yellowed or become dull and are not clear and easy to see through, you are losing a majority of the light output that your headlights produce. This is a fairly quick service, and typically in just over an hour your head lights can look good as new. I will go over the steps to fix a set of headlights.

This vehicle is owned my wife's grandmother. The headlights on this Infiniti were really starting to yellow, and she had mentioned not being able to see very good at night.

This is what the lights looked like prior to starting the restoration process. The tops of the lights were in very poor condition due to exposure to the sun.

You will start painted areas around the lights were taped off, to protect them during the sanding process. You will need to decide how course of a grit paper you will start with based off the condition of the headlight. I started with 600 grit paper for this headlight. You will notice that I sanded in one direction.

For the next sanding step I jumped up to 800 grit paper and sanded perpendicular to the direction I used in the previous step. This is the last step for handing sanding on these lights.

At this point I used my Rupes Mini with a 1500 grit sanding disc to go over the entire surface. I like to have an interface pad on also as the disc will contour to the shape of the headlight a lot easier. I also use a small spray bottle to mist the surface for the step.

You will follow that step with a 3000 grit disc using the same process. You will notice that the light progressively begins to improve in clarity after each step. This is the last sanding step during the restoration process.

You will follow up the sanding process with a compound to remove any of the sanding marks. I like using a 3" microfiber pad for this process on my Rupes Mini. You will then follow that up with a foam polishing pad and a finishing polish to complete the process.

At this point you should have a crystal clear lens compared to what you started with. At this point you will want to apply a coating of some sort to the lens to keep it protected from the elements

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