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  • Kevin M George

2010 Volkswagon GTI

The owner of this car was debating purchasing a new car, however decided to just keep this one and get it properly cleaned up and protected. He was looking to have the car completely gone over. He decided on my Platinum Protection Service along with a Premium Wheels off Detail and Trim Coating.

Before Photos

Before photo of the passenger side door with some sort of stain on it.

Before of the rear hatch area.

Before of the driver side fender showing dirt behind the wheel on the door.

The Wash Process

At this point the wheels were removed to start the wash and decon process.

I started with treating the body with Iron X for a chemical decon and then followed with a strong foam pre soak.

The exhaust has a lot of carbon build up on it, and this was something the client mentioned he was not able to remove and was bugging him.

The exhaust cleaned up nicely after being thoroughly cleaned.

The calipers were quite dirty and needed a good cleaning.

They now look much better after being cleaned

After being washed, decon'd and dried the wheels were put back on to pull the car into the garage.

Paint Correction Process

Once in the garage the wheels were removed again to start the cleaning process of the wheels to prep them for a long term coating.

The pads on this car seem to throw a large amount of brake dust, which is very visible on these black wheels.

You can see just how dirty the barrels are from brake dust.

The wheels were treated with Iron X to thoroughly clean and decon the wheels.

The back the tires were cleaned along with the barrel, followed by the front of the wheel and tire.

After being thoroughly cleaned the wheels were wiped down with Eraser and coating with DLUX wheel coating.

Once in the garage it was easy to see the paint was in pretty poor condition with lots of random scratches and plenty of swirls.

I taped off an area to start my test.

I was very pleased with the results after being compounded and polished. Very few defects were remaining.

This is the area above my test spot

It cleaned up very nicely after just being compounded.

Driver side rear 1/4 before correction.

Driver rear quarter after being compounded.

Passenger side rear quarter before correction.

Passenger rear quarter after being compounded.

Passenger front fender before correction.

Passenger front fender after being compounded.

Black trim behind the driver side front window before correction.

The piece was compounded and then followed up with a polish which cleaned up the surface and removed all the marring left during the compound process.

Even the tail lights were in need of attention.

Driver side tail light after being compounded.

Coating Application

After finishing the compound process, I went around the car with a finishing polish to further enhance the gloss and depth of the paint. After this the surface was wiped down with Eraser to prep the surface for the application of CQuartz Finest.

Two coats of CQuartz Finest were applied to all painted surfaces on the vehicle. Following the second coat the vehicle was pulled outside to inspect for any high spots that may need leveled.

Following the application of the coating an IR lamp was used to heat cure the coating further enhancing the gloss.

Another photo of the coating curing.

The mirror effect is in full effect.

With the painted surfaces taken care of, it was now time to take care of all the faded trim pieces.

22ple VM1 was applied to all the plastic trim pieces leaving a nice deep rich color.

The Final Product

After being finished this car had an insane amount of gloss.

Interior Cleaning

Before photo of the driver side seating area.

Before of the passenger side front seat area.

Passenger seating area from a different angle.

The door jambs in this car were quite dirty.

Jamb after being cleaned with ONR.

Driver seating area after being cleaned.

Passenger seating area after being cleaned.

Dash after a light cleaning.

Thanks for reading!

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