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  • Kevin M George

2012 Honda CRV

This car received our Deluxe Exterior Service, Trim Coating and Engine Compartment Detail. We also did a basic interior cleaning as the interior was fairly clean to begin with. The owner also mentioned that the car had not been polished since the day they purchased it and it was pretty clear the finish was in need of some attention. We decided on a basic one step process to bring this metallic silver paint back to life.

Before Photos

This is a picture just after being dropped. The car really did not look bad from a distance.

The trim was the item most in need of attention, there were plenty of areas that had wax or some other type of product on them.

Another picture showing dried product on the trim.

Plenty of dirt built up on the rear bumper cover.

Before (Engine Compartment)

Before picture of the engine bay. This was actually one of the main thing the client was wanting cleaned up.

As you can see the engine compartment was quite dirty.

Polishing Process

I really did not take many pictures during the polishing process, however in this picture you can clearly see a difference in color from before to after. The left side has been polished while the right side has not.

Here is another spot on the roof. The right side has been polished while the left side has not. There was a very noticeable difference in color, gloss and depth of the finish after the polishing process.

Finished Exterior

And the final product after applying the sealant and cleaning and coating the exterior trim.

The car was now quite glossy with nice dark trim with no more white patches from dried product.

Final product.

Final product.

A nice reflection shot on the hood.

Finished Engine Compartment

An after shot of the engine bay. This was cleaned with multiple brushes before being dried and dressed.

One more after shot of the engine compartment.

Thanks for looking!

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