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  • Kevin M George

1993 Mazda Miata

We were contacted by the owner of this car after he was unhappy with the finish on the vehicle. He wanted to see what we could do with the finish as he was thinking about possibly having the vehicle repainted due to the condition of the paint. We settled on a multi-step paint correction prior to applying CQuartz Finest to the vehicle, keeping this weekend toy looking great for years to come.

Before Photos

This is a picture of the car just after being dropped off.

You can see a scuff mark on the top of the driver side rear quarter.

Another before shot from the rear.

And one last before shot prior to doing a rinseless wash due to being very clean when dropped off.

Paint Correction & Coating Process

This was my first test spot on the hood. You can see just how poor the condition of the paint was prior to compounding.

This was my second test spot, as I changed products to get a bit more correction.

This is 50/50 shot on the driver side fender after the compounding process.

The deck lid before the paint correction process.

The deck lid after the compounding process.

Once the whole car was compounded, we moved onto the final polish to deepen the finish and further enhance the gloss. You can see the left side is a much deeper black.

The tail lights were also in need of assistance as they were swirled and lacking in gloss.

The tail light after being polished.

Once the car was polished it was wiped down with Eraser to prep the vehicle for the application of CQuartz Finest. Once the final coating was applied the vehicle was backed out of the garage to check for high spots.

The finish was outstanding with tons of depth and gloss for paint that it over 20 years old.

Final Product

Quick walk around video of the vehicle once it was finished and waiting to be picked up.

The final product was a mirror like shine.

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