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  • Kevin M George

2016 Chevy Silverado Blackout Edition

I was contacted by the owner after he purchased the vehicle. He was offered a "coating" by the dealer but refused as he wanted a better product applied. He was looking for a product to keep the truck looking good for a long period of time while also making it easier to maintain.

Before Photos

This is a picture of the truck just after being dropped off.

As with any black vehicle it will show every speck of dirt.

The bed side with runs going down the side from whatever product was privously applied to the bedcover.

Before photo of the wheels and tires.

Coating Process

Being that the vehicle was in pretty good shape I did not take any pictures during the polishing process. This picture is during the coating process after the initial application of the coating as it was beginning to flash.

Once the final coat of the coating was applied and leveled the truck was backed out to check for any high spots prior to curing.

Final Product

This is a low light photo from the evening I applied the coating. The gloss and depth of the paint was now outstanding.

This is a good reflection shot down the side of the truck.

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