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2016 Lexus IS 350 f-sport

This 2016 Lexus IS350 f-sport received our Platinum Protection Service consisting of a multi-stage paint correction before being finished off with CQuartz Finest along with a trim coating. The owner of the car was not happy with the exterior of the car after picking it up from the dealership. Areas of the car were covered with swirls and fine scratches taking away from the gloss and depth of this of the finish of this beautiful metallic blue paint.

Before Photos

The front of the car prior to being washed. This car had roughly 1,000 miles and the owner is very meticulous about the vehicle.

The roads have been dirty due to the weather so as expect there is road dirt flung on the side of the car.

Dirt and water spots on the trunk lid and spoiler.

Wash Process

Another shot of dirt on the driver side rear quarter.

As with every car, the first step of the cleaning process is to clean the wheels. This picture shows the wheel cleaning breaking down the brake dust that is present on the wheels. As with most performance car, they throw a good deal of brake dust which is very rough on the wheel finish if not cleaned.

All lathered up after being cleaned with various brushes to get the faces and barrels of the wheels clean.

A nice clean gun metal finish on these gorgeous wheels.

Once the wheels were cleaned, the entire car was treated with a strong foam pre-soak to strip the surface clean of any remaining protection that may have been present.

At this point a brush was used to clean the complex areas of this grille. The rest of the car was then given a 2 bucket-method was followed by a chemical decon to remove and iron deposit or other debris that might remain on the surface.

We now have a nice clean surface to being the polishing process on.

Correction and Coating Process

With the car cleaned and pulled in the garage, it was apparent that the back half of the car was in very poor condition for a fairly new car. There was heavy swirling and some random deeper scratches.

Another view of driver side rear quarter with swirling and scratches.

After being thorough polished with a heavy polish, followed by a high gloss finishing polish the finish was now ready to start the application of coating. The car was wiped down with Eraser to clean the surface.

CQuartz Finest was then applied to the all painted surface on the exterior of the vehicle.

Once the application of the coating was finished, the car was pulled out to inspect for any remaining high spots that may need leveled.

Final Product

Quick walk around video showing the amazing gloss and depth that is notorious with CQuartz Finest.

The finish on the car was a mile deep once the coating was cured. The car simply looked like a blue mirror.

A nice mirror like shine of the clouds and sky.

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